Student Exchange Programs

Student exchange programs in Australia are regulated by Departments of Education and relevant qualification authorities in all states and territories. All CASEO members are registered and approved to carry out student exchange programs.

Student exchange programs provide Australian students, typically aged 15-18 years, with the opportunity to live and study overseas for up to one year. Overseas students come to Australia on similar programs.

Students live with an unpaid, volunteer host family and attend school on a non fee paying basis. The same opportunities are afforded to Australian exchange students overseas. Students become immersed in their communities and live like locals. The benefits that flow from the experience are significant and include:

  • Greater awareness and tolerance of other cultures for the student, school and community
  • Significantly improved language skills
  • Increased independence and maturity
  • Greater confidence and employability

CASEO members take seriously the duty of care toward their exchange students and provide local and national level support both in Australia and overseas throughout the program.