Welcome to CASEO

The Council of Australian Student Exchange Organisations (CASEO) was established in 2009 by six of the leading secondary student exchange organisations in Australia.

CASEO acts to promote the importance and educational value of student exchange programs and seeks improvements in the policy and regulatory framework. CASEO aims to provide a coherent and unified voice on key issues affecting the industry.

All CASEO members maintain a network of volunteer Local Coordinators. Local Coordinators provide first level support to our exchange students and communicate with them regularly throughout their experience.  They are there to ensure their safety and wellbeing. The video below has been produced by CASEO to provide a basic introduction to the principles of child protection. The video is intended as an important supplement to the training & resources that CASEO members provide to their Local Coordinators.

CASEO members work closely with schools and communities across Australia. CASEO membership signifies the organisation is properly registered with regulatory authorities and meets all regulatory requirements. Non registered organisations are not required to maintain the strict standards observed by CASEO members. As such, schools and parents working with non CASEO members should take a 'buyer beware' approach to the risks involved. The flyer (at left) is intended to outline key issues that schools and parents should be aware of when choosing an exchange organisation.